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This is the application page to register for access to the private areas of the NYTC web site.  Registration is currently open to the following people:-

  •  Current students of the Northavon School of Drama
  •  Previous students of the Northavon School of Drama
  •  Parents of current students
  •  Staff, assistants and helpers involved with the Northavon School of Drama and the productions of the Northavon Youth Theatre Company


If you aren't eligible, don't worry - we're sure that there is plenty of information for you to enjoy in the public pages.

To register, please enter your details in the boxes below and click "Register".

If you are a current student or assistant with an e-mail address on-file you should be pre-registered and should simply have to enter your e-mail address and choose a unique Username. If you share an e-mail address with someone else you may need to enter more information (e.g. First Name) so that we can uniquely identify you. Once we have been able to do that, completion of your registration will be automatic, the system will generate you an initial password and an e-mail containing this will be sent to your registered address. You must change this on first login.

If your registration fails for some reason (the page will automatically re-draw and tell you the problem) and for all other applicants, please fill in all of the boxes and select the "apply for access" tickbox at the bottom of the form. Your application will be e-mailed automatically to the webmaster and will be processed as quickly as possible.

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