You may be able to join in!

The young folk appear on the stage, but they are backed by a large team of enthusiastic amateurs!

Most of us are parents who have learned through the experience of previous shows.  Some of us bring skills we have learned elsewhere, even household DIY skills (making scenery), painting skills (painting scenery) or sewing (costumes). Some of us find it a good change from our day-jobs or home DIY to be asked to construct a tree or table or fence, but with much wider tolerances and rougher finish than we might for our own home! (not that most of us make too many 2-D trees or hills for our own homes!)

We have a fair range of people with experience, but we always need more help with construction in the springtime and with all tasks as we approach the main show at Easter. Plus, of course, actually working backstage during the performances and "learning the ropes" (literally). The more that help, the lighter the load and the more chance that we will find recruits who enjoy it and go on to take more central roles.

If you would like to know more, or think that you would like to help please contact the webmaster who will arrange for someone to talk with you.