Performances are made under the name of  Northavon Youth Theatre Company, but the regular training all year is undertaken by the Northavon School of Drama. 

There is a waiting list and entry to the school is by audition only, following a telephone call as vacancies arise.

To get on the waiting list or ask more about membership, please send an e-mail to the director with details of the young person's name, date-of-birth, address, telephone number and some idea of the level of drama, dance and singing ability and experience and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Although we try to take students in a fair order from the list, it must be understood that the requirements of productions sometimes dictate that, for example, an older person who can dance may be more useful for a particular show than a younger applicant with no dancing experience.


In this section you will find the policies and rules of Northavon Youth Theatre School relating to the following:

Recruitment and Rehearsals.

It is essential to maintain a balance of the sexes and ages where possible, but recruitment can only take place if sufficient spaces are created. For example, one year only three girls left to continue their education!

The school has been established a long time and, having built up a considerable reputation, competition for places is fierce!

  • Age range is 11-18 years, with an optional extra year.
  • The school meets for three terms per year, on Saturday mornings from 9.30am to 12.30pm in the Coach Hall at the Chantry in Castle Street opposite the modern Council offices. Additional dance rehearsals for productions are usually held midweek immediately after school for up to 2 hours, but only for small groups of dancers, never for the entire membership and usually only for about 8 weeks before the performance.
  • The Summer Term is a "learning time", with intensive study into all aspects of stagecraft (e.g. singing, dance, poetry, voice work, improvisation. mime, text study, characterisation and much more! ). Additional professional tutors/actors are engaged for various workshops and the culmination of these activities is a showcase of work covered, plus much of the students' original work. (e.g. A recent potted panto, scripted and directed by a 16 year old boy).
  • Fees (currently £45.00 per student per term) are payable in the first three weeks of each term and each child is expected to pay a £5.00 deposit for the use of hired material for a show (musical score and libretto).
  • Make up and costumes are provided for productions.
  • Prospective members are usually invited to join a session at the beginning of either the Summer or Autumn term and to audition the following week if comfortable with our set up. The audition consists of a spoken passage to test diction, expression and projection (own piece may be prepared), singing a song of their choice (must provide sheet music) or "Happy Birthday", testing voice range and a short dance to judge sense of rhythm and ability. If the audition is successful judged by the Principal, Production Assistant and Musical Director only), the student becomes a member of the Drama School and eligible to audition for dancing and principal roles (should they choose to) for productions. We ask that each student provides his/herself with a pair of jazz shoes to be worn at rehearsals and we can obtain these at a discount price - resale policy for growing feet!
  • When a child joins us it is expected that parents will help with fundraising activities (e.g. jumble sales, bucket shaking and handing out handbills during carol singing) plus productions (e.g. Box Office duties, sewing costumes, making/painting scenery, publicity, dressing room duty, make up and front of house) - all essential for the productions to continue. Show budget's are typically in the region of £15,000 - £17,000!.

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Rules of the Northavon School of Drama

  1. Entry is by successful audition only.
  2. The School is for those aged 11 to 18 years, but younger children may be invited to join if a particular production necessitates this.
  3. Students who are aged 18 years or over at the beginning of the Autumn Term may be allowed to take part in the following year's productions as long as they make a written commitment to the Committee to follow all the rules of the School.
  4. Students must behave responsibly and attend rehearsals promptly and regularly. In the event of a student behaving in a way that is deemed unacceptable, the student will be given a written warning. Continued unacceptable behaviour will result in forfeiture of a place.
  5. Genuine absence should be notified in advance if possible and frequent or continued unexplained absence will result in forfeiture of a place.
  6. Lateness of 10 minutes or more after 9:30 on Saturdays will be subject to a fine of 50 pence, which will be donated to a local charity.
  7. Fees are fixed at the beginning of the scholastic year and are payable no later than two weeks after receipt of each term letter. Parents experiencing financial hardship may discuss this in confidence with the Principal so that alternative arrangements can be made. Failure to comply with this will result in forfeiture of a place.
  8. A place is awarded for each scholastic year and therefore fees are payable for each term (including the Summer Term) even if a place is forfeited for any reason.
  9. Permission for one year's leave of absence is at the discretion of the Principal, but will usually be granted in genuine circumstances.
  10. Each student is required to provide his/herself with a pair of jazz shoes to be worn during rehearsals and on stage. These can be provided through the School at a generous discount price.
  11. Production items such as costumes and properties must be looked after responsibly and returned at the end of a production. A charge will be levied for missing items.
  12. A student may only participate in a full musical production if he/she can commit to taking part in every performance.

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