NYTC needs on help from the community to continue

developing future stars. 


Ticket Sales 

The easiest way is to support us by coming to our shows. Book Now​

We need audiences to perform to, and our major source of income is ticket sales. Add your name to our mailing list so you can keep up to date about upcoming shows. Remember to mark the week leading up to Easter in your calendar so you can play your role in developing future stars.


We are always looking for an extra pair of hands. Do you have a knack for building? Are you nifty with a needle? Handy with hair? We welcome help building and painting our sets, creating and repairing costumes, and ushering or helping front of house during the show run. Don't be shy. There is always a way you can help and share your skills. We are a fun-loving welcoming lot and we appreciate support from the community. Get in touch with our team and find out how you can help.

Fund Raising

Perhaps you could hold a fund raising event for NYTC! Fancy hosting a coffee morning or quiz night with your friends? Get together, have a laugh and support the youngsters who are working hard to achieve their goals. We can offer you material support to share what we do with your friends.

If that seems too much, add your name to our mailing list and come along to one of our fundraising nights.



NYTC is filled with talented youngsters who appreciate the opportunity to learn and develop their skills. They are hardworking, disciplined and dedicated. Unfortunately in the current climate funding for the arts is difficult to secure and many schools have had to cut their budgets, and the arts are always first on the list, forcing parents and youngsters to seek alternative opportunities. NYTC provides that opportunity for youth living in the north Bristol and Gloucestershire areas.

If you feel that providing talented youths with opportunities to channel their energy and talents into the performing arts is worthwhile, you could support us financially. NYTC is a not for profit organisation so donations will always go wholly towards supporting the company.

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