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Chaperone - See the show a different way!

Have you thought about becoming a licenced chaperone? It gives you a unique understanding and viewpoint of the whole show. We allow very few parents into the hallowed word BACK STAGE. You can see 'the magic' if you are a chaperone.

We urgently need more parents to become licenced. The more we have the fewer shifts everyone will have to do.

Thank you to those parents who offered to become licenced Chaperones.

We need to get the applications off as soon as possible so they can be returned in time for the show (we are already late). If you can’t print it out, I have copies available.

You need to apply to YOUR local council. I have included all the forms and information I can in an email I sent out today. You do not need to pay to apply. If you do not have a DBS check, you may need to pay for that. – You are a volunteer so the lowest fee applies (under £10).

If you already have DBS check, you will get your licence very quickly.

Applying is free and the licence lasts 3 years. Please apply even if you aren’t sure if you are available. You will need to have a face to face interview but if there are enough SG candidates, Amanda can come to us.

We are cutting it fine so PLEASE action this right away.

Can you let me know if you have applied so I can confirm we have enough. We need 3 chaperones per night of the show.

I look forward to welcoming you back stage.


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