News for Rehearsal Jan 25th

It was lovely having Josh back again and there was a definite difference in the quality of the singing.

This week, as you know we are running what we have done of Act 1 to show Josh….. Listen to your recordings and remind yourselves of your part. Practice your movements in your head – it is an effective way to practice and REMEMBER YOUR CHARACTER AND YOUR FACE…. Listen to what is happening in the scene and REACT… if you are on stage you should be performing. Please go thorough what you should be doing…. You do need to look at it before Saturday.

The Later Rehearsal slot is 12.45- 2.30 pm

We are doing 'The Military'

Schmidt and the Cadets are needed. A reminder of who the cadets are: Amber, Beth Ann, Charlie, Elissa, Freya DM, Jemma, Kate P, Lily, Lola, Martha, Rosie B, Ruby, and Tom.

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