Theatre or Gym?

Given a choice, I would choose theatre every time. Now I have a reason!

A 2017 study by UCL found that watching a live theatre performance can stimulate your cardiovascular system to the same extent as doing 28 minutes of healthy cardio exercise. The study found that by the end of the second act of 'Dream Girls', their subjects' heart rate was comparable to the heart rate of professional tennis players during burst of highly intense exertion such as long and fast rallies. Is it the performance? Apparently not. The effect is not apparent while watching a screened version of the same performance.

Live theatre is good for you..(of course we already know that!)

The study found that for a third of attendees, the most enjoyable aspect of live theatre is the feeling the live experience gives them, such as emotions and goosebumps. 15 per cent have noticed a change in their breathing, whether that's slower or faster, whilst almost one third have experienced gasping or jumping in shock.

If you want to read more, the article can be found here.


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