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We've gone technical!

Welcome to our new Member's page.

To make things easier we have decided to put everything in one place so everyone can find it whenever they want and wherever they are. You won't need to email Elly to check and wait (patiently) for her reply. Hopefully it should all be here!

Not sure if NYTC is on today? Come to the members area and check out our calendar. Do you want to know who is needed for the principal's rehearsal this week? Are you thinking of booking a holiday but you want to know when the show is on in 2020? You can come to the calendar and see for yourself (but just so you know, it is normally on in the week leading up to Easter Sunday).

We will do our best to keep it upto date and there may (read probably) be a few teething problems as Elly learns how to use it effectively but hopefully it should simplify things for us all.

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